A Very Happy Meal – Burger King Sex Toys on Valentines Day!

February 21st 2017 8:45 am | By LaCoquette

Burger King Sex Toys…. a sentence We Never Expected to type!

Valentines Day is over for another year. But for those who failed to be romantic this year there was an added bonus. Burger King served up adult toys to its customers in Israel as part of a Valentine’s Day campaign! Want to know more about Burger King sex toys? Read on!

The saucy treat was labelled up as an Adults Meal. Served inside a purple box it included the toys and two burgers, two fries and two beers. As well as a dinner for two, the Adult Meal Box included a pink blindfold, black feather tickler or a head massager.

Burger King Sex Toys

Seemingly aimed at those who forgot Valentines but wanted to make last minute plans and get a little happy!

What do you think about Burger Kings Valentines offering? Should UK branches offer it next year??

Check out the full commercial here.

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