The Best Delay Spray for Men

June 21st 2016 8:30 pm | By LaCoquette

Whats the best delay spray for men?

Stress, tiredness, work pressures can all impact on your performance. We at La Coquette want to help you keep your pecker up! So we have put together a blog post showing the Best Delay Spray for Men.

Lasting longer in bed is something on everyone’s minds. Premature Ejaculation affects 60% of men at one time or another.

While herbal Viagra alternatives and sexual stimulants are fantastic not everyone has time to plan popping a pill prior to getting intimate.

In these situations delay sprays (also known as prolonger sprays or penis numbing sprays) are an easy to use and topical solution that give an immediate boost to your sexual stamina!

Delay sprays for men are formulated to help prevent premature ejaculation and ensure you and your partner have more time satisfying each other which means you both end up happier! They have a mildly anaesthitising effect on the penis to delay orgasm and prolong lovemaking. Apply a few sprays a short period before sexy time (depending on the product) and improve your sex life.

Our top 3 delay sprays for men



A dermatologically tested, easy to use spray derived from natural plant extracts that lowers the sensitivity of the penis glans WITHOUT losing any sensation the Eros Delay 101 is a fantastic way to boost your stamina and help you enjoy the moment for as long as possible. Incredibly easy to use with fast effective results this is one of the best delay sprays for men on the market.

Eros 101 Prolong Spray



Last longer & improve your performance with Sliquid Ride Bodyworx Rock Delay Spray. An all natural, high strength delay spray for men to banish premature ejaculation & boost your confidence in the bedroom.

Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray 



Want to enjoy lovemaking for longer?  This bestselling male enhancement spray from La Coquette is what you need. Helps combat premature ejaculation & oversensitivity to help your enjoy your sex life for longer.

Superdragon 6000 Delay Spray

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