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January 8th 2018 1:57 pm | By LaCoquette


With so many amazing sex toys for women out there now it can seem a little daunting to decide which is right for you. Thats where lacoquette.com is here to help. Read on for La Coquette’s Female Sex Toy Guide covering what each toy does. Not to mention recommendations for the best female sex toys for beginners, discreet vibrators, pelvic floor toners, ultimate rabbit vibes and more. Want to know the difference between a magic wand and jiggle ball? Don’t know one end of a double ended dildo from the other? Read on!


Let’s start with the basics. Whatever toy you choose has to hit your sweet spots. So the first question we always suggest our customers ask themselves is:

What do you want your toy to do for you?

Do you want to stimulate externally (i.e. the clitoris and other erogenous zones) or internally (vaginal stimulation using insertable toys). Next do you want a vibrating or a non vibrating toy?


Clitoral Stimulators

Magic Wands

Rabbit Sex Toys and Dual Stimulation Toys

Vibrating Love Eggs

G Spot Vibrators

Bullet Vibes

Suction Vibrators


Kegel Balls/ Jiggle Balls/ Ben Wa Balls


But what does each type of toy do, and how should you use them? And what is the best toy to start with? We’ve got you covered.

At lacoquette.com we always recommend starting with a clitoral stimulating toy, especially if it is your first time buying or using a female sex toy.


Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral Stimulators are the perfect first female sextoy for use solo or with a partner. Designed to do exactly what it says on the tin and stimulate the clitoris. As 2/3 of women won’t have a vaginal orgasm through penetration alone, clitoral stimulation is key for getting to yes, yes, yes. With over 7,000 nerve endings the clit is a pleasure dome! The easiest way to arouse these is using a vibrator designed for the purpose. It takes the pressure off your (or your partners) hands. Start small with a bullet vibrator (shaped like a bullet) these discreet toys are ideal for clit stimulation. Or try a pebble vibrator such as the JeJoue Mimi, the award winning vibe voted number one by Good Housekeeping Magazine.

External stimulation sex toys for Women & couples. Vibrating. Clitoral stimulation during solo play, foreplay or to enhance sex.

Recommended Beginners Clitoral Stimulator:Bullet Vibrator such as the Power Bullet or Rocks Off RO-80mm

Explore our full range of clit stimulators for more inspiration.


Fairy Baby Mini Magic Wand Vibrator


Quite literally magical. These externally stimulating personal massagers are great for more intense, targeted clitoral arousal. With a larger head and a flexible slim neck these female toys are perfect to reach the areas other vibes can’t reach. Best of all you can use them all over the body for deep tissue massage as well! Magic Wands can be plug in, rechargeable or battery operated. In a variety of sizes for all pleasure levels.


Designed for external stimulation and arousal. Vibrating. Great for solo pleasure or to enhance foreplay and sex.

Beginners Magic Wand: Fairy Mini Magic Wand

Luxury Mains Powered Magic Wand:  Bodywand Plug In Vibrator 

Explore our full range of Massage Wands here


Lelo Ina 2 Rabbit Vibrators


Made famous by Sex and The City, Rabbit vibrators are so called because of the “bunny ears” part that stimulate the clitoris! Bunny Toys are in fact Dual Stimulation vibrators – designed to stimulate clitorally and vaginally simultaneously. The best of both worlds. Rabbit vibes are great for exploring the G Spot too. In a variety of sizes and styles Rabbits are some of our most popular female toys.


Vibrating female sex toy for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation. 

Explore our full range of Rabbit Vibrators here


Cock Rings


Vibrating love eggs are some of our favourite toys out there! Providing a veritable smorgasbord of stimulation externally or internally. Simply insert vaginally and control via a wired or wireless remote! There are non vibrating love eggs too – which are for pelvic floor exercise – you can check those out in our kegel balls section. Love Eggs are perfect for couples wanting to explore toys together or for women to use solo.


Vibrating female sex toy for use internally or externally. Great for couples. Often with remote control.

Explore our full range of Love Egg Toys here


Lelo Toys


The much debated G Spot is in fact a hot spot of nerve endings located 1-3 inches inside the vagina in the front wall. This is why most GSpot Toys are curved to hit the spot! The key to GSpot arousal and the intense full body orgasms it can bring is consistent pressure stimulation. So vibrators are fabulous for this. But there are some great non vibrating G Spot toys too – such as the amazing Njoy Pure Wand. G Spot orgasms can also lead to squirting or female ejaculation.


While these toys are designed with women in mind, gspot toys are a great gift for the woman in your life to use as part of couples play. 

Beginners GSpot Vibrator: Rocks Off Rose Gold GSpot Bullet Vibrator

Peruse the full range of GSpot Toys for more inspiration.


Suction Vibrators


Sex toy technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. One of the winners in sex toy tech are suction vibrators. A delectable combo of gentle suction and vibration these toys are mostly intended for clitoral stimulation. There are also pussy pumps for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Not to mention Nipple suckers which we cover below! Not to be confused with suction cup dildos (but we have those too!).


External vibrating toys using cutting edge suction technology. Better than the best oral sex you’ve ever had! 

Explore the full range of Suction Toys for more inspiration.


Kegel Balls


Jiggle Balls/ Kegel Balls (also known as Geisha Balls, Ben Wa Balls or Love Balls) are female sextoys and health products perfect for toning your pelvic floor to ensure better sex & more intense orgasms. Start with the larger lighter versions & work up to smaller heavier weights. As seen in 50 Shades of Grey! Jiggle balls have internal weights which tone your pelvic floor as you move. A workout without breaking a sweat.




Check out the full range of Kagal Balls for more inspiration.



These sex toys are non vibrating & designed for realistic sensual experiences. In all shapes & sizes. Includes metal dildos, glass dildos and double enders. Not to mention suction cup dildos for hands free pleasure! Perfect for internal vaginal stimulation.


Non Vibrating toys for vaginal stimulation. 



Discover the full range of Dildos


Anal Toys For Women


Anal play toys are for everybody and anal toys can be a great complement to women’s solo play or foreplay. Not to mention couples anal exploration! Whether you want a vibrating or non vibrating butt plug, an anal probe or vibrator or sensual anal beads, there is something that will pique your appetites!


Great way to explore anal adventures solo or with your partner. Vibrating and non vibrating internal toys.


Beginners Female Anal Toys: Rippled Ice Small Glass Anal Toy or the Mini Vibrating Butt Plug

Peruse the full range of anal toys for more inspiration.


Nipple Toys


If you haven’t explore nipple toys then you need to! Nipple stimulation is often overlooked during foreplay but with 1000s of sensual nerve endings this is a wasted opportunity! From Nipple suckers and clamps to vibrating nipple toys and nipple suction pumps for the connoisseur. Men love nipple stimulation too!


Vibrating and non vibrating external toys for stimulating nipple arousal. 


Read on for the full range of Nipple Toys for more inspiration.

We hope our Guide to Women’s Sex Toys has given you food for thought! Want more assistance? Drop us a line via our online chat or on email [email protected] We are here to help!

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