Fun Factory Kegel Exercise Ball

Fun Factory Kegel Exercise Ball is Ideal for Kegel Exercise Beginners. An easy to use and incredibly discreet way to strengthen Your Pelvic Floor. 

The Kegel Exercise Ball from luxury sex toy designers Fun Factory is the perfect first kegel ball or for women who want to strengthen a weaker pelvic floor. Whether you have had children or not, many women complain about vaginal tightness issues. The best way to improve this is through kegel exercise. Recommended by midwives and gynaecologists Kegel Exercise Balls help you work out your pelvic floor muscles discreetly. For more satisfying sex and improved vaginal tightness.

This easy to use silicone kegal ball contains a small internal weight which rolls around as you move. This weight is specifically designed to help you find and improve your pelvic floor muscle. This internal workout tones the muscles while you carry out your daily activities.

Muscles that are in shape mean better sensations for you AND your partner. Climaxing becomes easier and more intense and not to mention vaginal tightness is improved.

Insert into the vagina like a tampon – the retrieval loop remains outside the body. While you move the inner balls work their magic, discreetly toning and tightening those internal muscles.

We recommend starting with a 15 minute session while you are around the house and working up. Use a water based lube during insertion to ensure a smooth start.

Kegel balls are recommended for women at all stages of life, whether to tighten up the pelvic floor muscles after child birth, improve incontinence issues, during menopause or simply to enhance not only wellness but also sexual sensations.

Also Available in Pink Kegel Ball.


  •  –  Single kegel ball for pelvic floor toning
  •  –  Easy to insert, velvety soft tapered silicone ball 
  •  –  Finger hollow ‘easy-in” provides an insertion aid
  •  –  Steady and intense rolling motion of inner balls
  •  –  Almost completely silent
  •  –  Flexible silicone retrieval band
  •  –  Gentle to the body, hypoallergenic
  •  –  Length: 11.5 cm  ball: 3.6 cm


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Fun Factory Kegel Exercise Ball


An easy-to-use kegel training device for a strengthened pelvic floor that’s especially beneficial for beginners. Single kegel ball featuring Free Roaming internal weight – the more you move the more they work! Very stimulating and Super Easy to Use. No one need ever know!


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