Oscars Goodie Bag Features Pelvic Floor Exerciser

February 23rd 2017 10:39 am | By LaCoquette

And the award for Best Pelvic Floor Goes To…. YOU!

When we heard that the Oscars Goodie Bags contained a Pelvic Floor Exerciser we decided to shine the spotlight on Pelvic floor exercise!

Oscars Season is coming. Everyone wants to know not only who is going to win, but also what’s in those Goody Bags! Past swag bags have included everything from luxe vacations to jewellery and even free plastic surgery procedures. While these types of over-the-top gifts are pretty standard, there was something on the list this year that La Coquette was delighted to see. A pelvic floor exerciser tracker, which in part, promises to tighten your vagina and pelvic floor.

In Hollywood where everything is lifted on the regular why wouldn’t they be looking at some internal tightening? Designer Vaginas and O-Shots are the buzz words on everyone’s lips. But why not start with a little improvement on what you already have? Thats where pelvic floor exercisers come in.


Don’t worry – you don’t need a gym membership for this bad boy. Ok here’s the science bit:


The floor of the pelvis is made up of layers of muscle and other tissues. A woman’s pelvic floor muscles support her bladder, womb and bowel. The urine tube (front passage), the vagina and the back passage all pass through the pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles help you to control your bladder and bowel. They also help sexual function. It is vital to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong.

Pelvic floor muscles can be made weaker by daily life, age, pregnancy and childbirth. A weak pelvic floor can lead to incontinence and a less enjoyable sex life for you and your partner. So what can we do?

1. Find Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Try to tighten your muscles around your vagina and back passage and lift up. Imagine you’re stopping yourself passing water and wind at the same time. Its not glamorous but its the easiest way.

A quick way of finding the right muscles is by trying to stop the flow of urine when you’re in the toilet. Once you’ve found the muscles, make sure you empty your bladder completely!

2. Contract the Muscles Fully

Remember it is an upward and inward contraction, not a bearing-down effort.
When you first start the exercises, check that you are doing them correctly. Put your hands on your abdomen and buttocks to make sure you can’t feel your belly, thighs, or buttocks moving. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t tighten the tummy, thigh or buttock muscles – you’ll be exercising the wrong muscle groups. Don’t squeeze your legs together.


You need to train your pelvic floor muscles through repetition, in the same way as you would train a muscle group at the gym. You can do this with a regime of fast and slow contractions every day. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists also recommends that you do a quick contraction just before you cough, sneeze or laugh.

If this sounds super complicated, or you need a little extra help, check out our range of Pelvic Floor Exerciser. Designed to help you work your pelvic floor muscles easily these include simple kegel balls and the best-selling Lelo Luna jiggle balls as well as pelvic floor trackers with apps!

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