Sex Toy Safety – Sex Toys Safer than Children’s Toys!

February 22nd 2017 10:10 am | By LaCoquette

Sex Toy Safety – Sex Toys Safer than Children’s Toys!

Here at La Coquette we have been preaching about Sex Toy Safety for Years. We firmly believe that anything you put in your body should be of the highest quality and non toxic. For too long sex toys have been made of nasty jelly plastics, in unregulated factories, with no care for the customers’ safety.

We carefully curate our collection of luxury sex toys to only include products of the highest quality. If it contains parabens or phthalates it won’t feature. So we were delighted to see the outcome of a recent study by the Swedish Chemicals Inspection Agency. That Sex Toys were safer than the childrens’ toys tested!

Now kids toys manufacturers are being told to follow the lead of sextoy designers who ensure their products are body safe and made to the highest quality with no nasty stuff.


Phthalates (pronounced “thah-lates”) are chemical plasticizers used to soften plastics. These so-called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are found in thousands of everyday products, ranging from plastic and metal food containers, to detergents, flame retardants, toys and cosmetics.


It is so important when buying a sex toy to consider the materials it is made from. This is one of the most intimate products you can buy in your life. Prioritise what the toy is made from, where it is made and whether the designers give you a warranty. Brands like Lelo will provide quality assurance warranties on all toys.

If you care about what you put in your body, go to the gym and eat organic food, you want to ensure your luxury sextoys are of the same quality.

Want to read more about this report? Check out the Guardian’s report here


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